UNICEF – IWPC partnership 2014
Since 1990, the child mortality rate in India has dropped by 45 percent. This progress is proof that the technology and know-how to reach even the most vulnerable children with life-saving interventions are available. In spite of the steady progress, the challenge of being the second most populous country with diverse geo-socio-cultural conditions and sub-national disparities, India is still among the top four that account for 50% of global under-five mortality. Recent estimates clearly showed that India has insufficient progress on numerous Child Survival indicators.
To address the issue, Government of India and UNICEF have launched a programme on catalytic Health System Strengthening (HSS) for Routine Immunization (RI) to increase immunization coverage and reduce child mortality in India.
Media plays a critical role in creating a sustained and informed discourse on any public health initiative. In order to leverage the role that media can play for creating awareness and highlighting the role of RI, UNICEF wishes to partner with the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC),an established and credible women’s media organisation comprising of over 600 women journalists.
The partnership will
• Help create an in-depth understanding of critical development issues associated with RI and child mortality, among IWPC members.
• Share in-depth information on critical facets of RI through field visits and face-to-face interactions provide exposure to good practices in RI.
• Catalyze an informed media discourse on RI by mainstreaming marginalized voices of frontline workers and the most disadvantaged women and children in the country.
Start and end dates for this program:
15th March 2014 to 30th November 2014.
Key Outputs:
• In-depth articles, photo features, TV programs, radio programs and online articles on Routine Immunization will be submitted by IWPC participants. These articles will be published on UNICEF (media4child.blogspot.com) and IWPC website.
• All published articles will be featured in an Article Compendium Brochure to be produced at the end of the program.
• Capacity building of interested IWPC members through periodic briefings, de-briefings as well as field visits.
• Media Roundtables and discussions, briefing and debriefings will be organized periodically (quarterly) with members on various themes including experts and where members can share their field experiences.
• IWPC, as a facilitator will apprise their members on the field visits planned periodically by UNICEF.
• UNICEF will prepare a list of interested IWPC members (basis database created through information collected from members) and field visits will be arranged accordingly.
• In close coordination with UNICEF state offices, field visits of the members will be facilitated through an event coordination management agency.
• The States with low RI will be covered under this program i.e., Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam.
• In addition, some visits will be planned in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in order to showcase the efficient health systems in these two states.
• Travel, boarding and lodging will be arranged by UNICEF with support from an event management company.
• All articles filed by visiting members will be additionally featured on the IWPC website as well as a microsite set up to capture the articles resulting from the present partnership. (www.media4child.blogspot.com)
• The articles will be also featured in an Article Compendium to be published at the end of this program and shared during the closing event of the partnership.
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