Indian Women's Press Corps


Who can become a member?

Any woman journalist from India who has completed three years in case of the print media and five years in case of the electronic media. In the case of a freelance journalist, she will have to give soom proof in the press departments that she is a regular contributor to various publications. Foreign correspondents based temporarily in India can also join provided they fit the above criterion.

What are the types of memberships that are available at IWPC?

There are three types of members:

1. Regular Members, who have voting rights.
2. Associate Members, who enjoy all the facilities but do not have voting rights.
3. Corporate Members, for those working in the corporate sector in communications and public relations departments. Women working as government information officers or in press departments of embassies also qualify for membership.
4. Outstation members are women journalists who do not live in Delhi. They can avail of all the facilities whenever they are in town.

What are the facilities at the IWPC?

The facilities on offer at the IWPC are a canteen which offers a variety of foods, lunch and snacks. It is famed for its very good food at affordable rates, just like home cooking. There is a library with books both in English and Hindi, magazines and newspapers in many languages. We also have a film library. There is a computer room with internet facilities which members can avail free of cost. Members can also hire the place for parties and conferences at very nominal rates.

What are the fees at IWPC?

As all journalists know, there are no free lunches. At the IWPC we believe in being self sustaining but we also believe in being affordable so the annual fees are a very nominal: Rs 600 annually for regular, associate and corporate members and just Rs 100 for outstation members. The one time membership fees are Rs 500 for all other members except corporate members who pay Rs 10,000 as onetime fees. For meals, one pays for what one eats and so also for parties. No charge for taking home library books but there is a charge of Rs 25 for renting the video.

Does the IWPC have any annual events? What kinds of events?

Yes, we have several events around the year. We regularly organise panel discussions on current topics, invite various politicians for meet-the-press interactions. We have special lunches which highlight specific cuisines. Every year we hold a Diwali mela and a Holi get together and Christmas lunches. Then we organise inter-media badminton/table tennis /scrabble tournaments and more recently the IWPC has been going on international visits.

But undoubtedly our signature event is held in October/November: our annual fundraiser which raises money to sustain our activities for the year.

When was the IWPC formed?

It was formally launched on October 5, 1994. It is registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860.

How many members does IWPC have?

Currently the membership has crossed 550 and is increasing by the day.

Can male journalists become associate members?

Sorry no. It’s the Indian Women’s Press Corps remember? Membership is open only for women. Men cannot become members.

Can men come to the IWPC as guests?

Yes, men can come in as guests and avail of the canteen facilities but all guests have to be accompanied by a member of the IWPC.

How long does it take to become a member and what is the procedure?

Actually it’s pretty fast. It can take between three to six months for a membership to be cleared if the form is complete. The procedure is also simple. Get a form from the IWPC, fill it, and attach copies of your articles, appointment letter or ID card if your organisation gives you one. You also need to get recommendations from two existing members of IWPC. Do not forget to sign the form. It is surprising how many people forget to sign theirown forms.

What are the timings at the IWPC? Does it open all days of the week?

It’s is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. IWPC is closed only on Sundays and major national holidays.

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