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A total of 18 Bills have been listed for passage in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha in the upcoming Monsoon session of ...
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July 15, 2017
A total of 18 Bills have been listed for passage in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha in the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament...
Sports Ministry to pick 1000 athletes for training scholarship
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July 14, 2017
The government will select 1000 talented young athletes and spend Rs 5 lakh per year on the training of each of them, Sports Minister Vijay Goel said today....
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July 14, 2017
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The government will select 1000 talented young athletes and spend Rs 5 lakh per year on the training of each of them, Sports Minister Vijay Goel said today...
Experts welcome Apex Court's stay on cattle trade notification
Business Line
july 12, 2017
he Centre’s new notification on cattle trade, which the Supreme Court stayed on Tuesday, will not stand judicial scrutiny as it is ultra vires, former Lok Sabha...
Face N Facts
july 14, 2017
Experts have welcomed the Apex Court's orders staying the Centre's cattle trade notification which triggered a debate on its purpose and consequences...
The Indian Awaaz
july 14, 2017
Terming the notification as anti-farmer, a section of experts here said that the notification needed a review and would not be able to stand judicial scrutiny in...
IWPC Statements
"Experts express sigh of relief on apex cour's stay on cattle trade notification"
New Delhi,July13 Experts have welcomed the Supreme Court's stay order on cattle trade notification.Terming notification as anti-farmer, they said that notification needs a relook and for sure in its present form it will not be able to stand judicial scrutiny, The Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed Centre's May 26 notification,banning cattle sale in livestock markets for slaughter and religious sacrifices.The Court directed the Centre that rules on cattle sale be kept in abeyance till ' Revised Notification '

.In a panel discussion organised by Indian Women Press Corps IWPC constitutional expert, economist and kisan leader expressed this opinion Former Lok Sabha Secretary General PDT Achary said that the Centre's notification was an encroachment to states's power to regular cattle trade . " Cow slaughter cannot be a matter of legislation by Centre as it is on the state list. The Centre has no power to give legislation on cattle slaughter or any law that directly or indirectly relates to it",Mr Achary said and added that there cannot be a uniform law in a country with diverse culture and eating habits. In fact several states had challenged the Centre's notification in court citing reasons like : The states' power to regulate cattle trade, the freedom of the people to choose the food they like and the disastrous impact of the notification on the meat industry.
Mr Achary said that infact, states like Kerala and Meghalaya have passed resolutions against the Centre's notification. They had said that they will not implement the notification. More so, without the cooperation of the state governments, it becomes impossible for the Centre to impose its will. The government should have taken the advice and consent of the states before announcing this notification

.All India Kisan Sabha leader Joint Secretary N T Shukla said that they had challenged the May 23 notification of the government in the court stating that the rules "effectively choke" the free movement of animals via the market space and, more critically, completely undermine the freedom and rights of farmers, traders and all others whose livelihoods are linked to this production cycle.
He said that the notification would have completely jolted the rural economy because farmer sells his old cattle to raise funds to buy new cattle or invest in farm equipment.Its very difficuilt to keep redundant animals and hence farmers sell old cattles. More so, it is not practical for small traders to supply stock directly to slaughter houses. The scarcity of animals will hurt the tanning and leather industries. And when supply is reduced, demand increases. The consumers will be forced to pay more for dairy products. Shukla expressed his apprehension that the move could help foreign companies involved in dairy products, to enter into the indian markets with their products.

Explaining the ill effect of notification on the rural economy in particular, Vikas Rawal, Professor of Economics at JNU, said that The idea of banning cow slaughter is "terrible and ridiculous"and added a ban would have drained the country's economy as the annual budget to just feed the additional head of cattle would be much more than the entire defence budget of India. According to Rawal, as more and more farmers are farming with the help of machines, bullocks are become redundant. Even poor farmers are using machines. More so, it becomes difficult for farmers to keep redundant animals( cows and bullocks) and feed them . And if they do not give to butchers, animals will starve and die of hunger. However, he suggested that modern abattoirs should be constructed.

Members' Corner
All work n no play?NO WAY!!
On Saturday evening IWPC witnessed an evening of jaunty revelry as lady jurnos got a chance to let their hair down after slogging out at work to celebrate the year end party. It was a special
evening like no other as the big names from journo pack bonded over rounds of bubbly wine and scrumptious fare. It was the coolest party with the coolest crowd as members binged on wine, food and gossip. There was a selection of gourmet food, fine wine and a plethora of fun filled activities to up the entertainment quotient. Members enjoyed the wine and cheese as DJ Yogi regaled them with a mix of foot tapping and haunting numbers.

As it is that time of the year when you whip your costumes out and be the glamour diva you have always wanted to be, all members had turned out in their party attire and looked enchanting. All members had a lot of fun grooving to the scintillating music n chartbuster numbers.

Besides, one of the main attractions of the evening was Raffle with many delightful prizes including a two-night stay add a Lemon Tree Hotel, beauty hampers from beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain and Bharti Taneja's Alps, Manju Rawat's Style Skin Clinic, wine hampers from Sula, organic vegetable basket from Pritpal Kaur, gift hamper from fashion designer Neeta Suri, leather handbags, three sets of books from Juggernaut Publishers n one set each from Rajkamal publishers and Bharat Pustak Bandhar. shopping vouchers from Easy Day and many other exciting prizes.

Sula organised a wine tasting event on the premises. Many exclusive wines were served at the event. Wines made out of grapes, blackberries, luscious ripe fruits, black pepper and cinnamon were served with cheese, scrumptious food platters and crackers. Event was attended by more than 80 members. It was a unique experience- both intense and opulent.

The enthralling event was celebrated with enthusiasm by all..the mouthwatering n lavish spread along with funky ambiance represented the commitment of the entire team to create a memorable experience within a setting that is simply fun.. Sincerest compliments to Sula Wines in making the show the success that it turned out to be.
A report on IWPC's year-end party (in Hindi)
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