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The Indian Women's Press Corps is shocked and outraged at the brutal assault and gang-rape of a 23 year old woman in a moving bus in the national capital. As per reports, the girl was brutalized by as many as six persons in the bus and her friend, beaten up with iron rods. Both of them were stripped, thrown out of the bus and left to die. The girl has been admitted to hospital in a critical state with grievous internal injuries. The sheer impunity with which crimes against women in the capital and elsewhere is being perpetrated cannot be tolerated by any civilized society any longer. The overall atmosphere in the capital is one where women feel very insecure at all times- day and night. Crime data also shows that among all metros, Delhi ranks as the most unsafe for women and leads in the crimes listed as IPC crimes in the country. For the majority of women who rely on public transport, the risks remain much greater. The low rate of conviction of IPC crimes like rape and molestation, slow trials in such cases, lack of immediate relief and rehabilitation and the complete lack of seriousness by the government to deal with policy and legislation confronting women has led to a heightened sense of vulnerability among all sections of women.

There is an urgent need to address this at every level including the trajectory of development that is leading to such forms of violence. And as a women’s media collective, we strongly urge the union government and Delhi government to urgently take long term corrective measures s in this regard and to treat this particular incident with the utmost seriousness it deserves.

T.K. Rajalakshmi    Mannika Chopra
(President)              (General Secretary)

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