IWPC condemns intimidation of senior Indian journalist at New York
September 29, 2014
The Indian Women's Press Corps strongly deplores the tactics of intimidation of senior journalist Mr Rajdeep Sardesai by a group of supporters claiming allegiance to the organisers of the event at Madison Square, New York on September 28. That Mr Sardesai should have been heckled, abused and pushed around is very unfortunate, more so at an event meant to underscore Indian tolerance and inclusiveness and showcase India's greatness. What is of concern is that the organisers, the Indian American Community Foundation did not denounce the heckling and the manhandling of the senior journalist and assure of some action for the intimidation which was publicly broadcast, an individual apology was offered by a representative from India which is not the same as an organisation taking responsibility for the incident. This incident raises serious questions about the vulnerability of journalists who go to cover events where supporters of political parties are allowed to run amok and violent action justified as sentimental and emotional responses. The Indian consulate in New York should take serious cognisance of this and the Indian government too should ensure that the right to report by the media, whether big or small, should be protected at all times.
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