IWPC registers its protest over objectification by the media
September  22, 2014
The Indian Women's Press Corps expresses its shock and outrage over the manner in which a leading media house has sought to justify the objectification of women, in its response to objections raised by a female actor of the Mumbai film industry. The actor whose body part was described in the entertainment section of the newspaper registered her objections to the description following which the publication went on to justify itself without so much as tendering an apology for having offended the actor's sensibilities in the first place.
The question is not whether the actor had not objected before or had posed for revealing photographs earlier, but that she had a sovereign right to object to what she perceived as offensive. Rather than display a sense of sensitivity to the issue,the concerned daily has justified itself in the most outrageous manner.
The commodification and objectification of women are very serious issues. While the Mumbai film industry also needs to reflect on this, on the continued portrayal of women which is far from emancipatory, the media should not, under the garb of a libertarian understanding, portray women in a light which is actually regressive.
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