IWPC expresses shock at exhortation to violence against women and trivialisation of rape
July 4, 2014
The Indian Women's Press Corps expresses its shock at the open exhortation of violence against women and the trivialization of rape by elected political representatives. As an organisation comprising of women journalists where professional requirements demand interacting with political representatives, such statements do not inspire confidence. More so, when violence against women and children has reached disproportionate and alarming proportions in the general population, these statements are very alarming and should be dealt with utmost seriousness by all concerned.
The import and significance of these statements gets amplified because the people making these kind of statements are persons in positions of authority and the impact and influence of such pronouncements can only be imagined. The IWPC urges once again that all political parties and their representatives should show more sensitivity to these issues and desist from making statements that legitimize violence against women in general. there is a need to take up this issue seriously and to have a strong code of conduct for all political representatives.
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