On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day  Women journalists express concern over declining standards of political discourse
May 5, 2014
The Indian Women Press Corps, a national body of women journalists, expresses its deep concern over the deterioration in the standards of contemporary political discourse. While caricaturing of women and that of women politicians continues across the board and slanderous stereotypes prevail, the unnatural interest shown in the private lives of individuals, hacking their email accounts and uploading of material has raised justifiable concerns about the need to regulate the social media. An independent Media Commission is needed that would look not only at violations by the media but at the infringement of the economic and professional rights of the media personnel as well.
In a related statement released on the occasion on World Press Freedom Day (May 3), the IWPC noted that the physical safety of journalists and their economic security were very important challenges. It was in 1993 that the UN declared May 3 as World Press Freedom Day which was an occasion to assess the state of press freedom, celebrate the interests of press freedom and defend the media from attacks on their freedom. These freedoms, the statement noted had become even more precarious with the increasing corporatisation of the media on the one hand and a conservative and sectarian backlash on the other. The growing corporate influence in the mass media had the potential to erode the credibility of the profession and that the freedom of the press was inextricably linked to freedom from corporate influence.
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