Press Statement on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day.
March 8, 2015
As the largest women's media organisation in the country, the Indian Women's Press Corps expresses its concern over the growing culture of violence and intolerance against women and children in society. While sexual assault and grievous forms of violence continue to be dominant, there seems to be no let down in dowry related violence and domestic cruelty as well. In addition, a cultural and conservative backlash against women seems to be on the ascent, which affects women in the media as well.
With more and more women entering the workforce in precarious terms of employment and working conditions, with practically no guarantees of either employment or social security, it becomes all the more imperative that the government strictly implement the laws of the land including those for women and children and create the conditions for a safe and secure environment.
This is imperative if equality is a desirable goal and objective.
The history of International Women's Day is synonymous with the demand for equality in all spheres, including the demand for better working conditions. With growing conservatism in society and inequality in general, the realisation of those rights that were fought for and wrested more than a century ago, is getting to be all the more difficult. There is an urgent need for the government of the day to take cognisance of these challenges.
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